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GoEuropaa assists you in scheduling the required tests.

GoEuropaa provides imported study materials computer-based tests to ensure that you get good scores.

Course Selection

Taking into consideration your academic background.

GoEuropaa will help you in identifying the right course in the right college/university.

Application Processing

Assistance in preparing the application and documents.

GoEuropaa given on the basis of a successful strategy to maximize the chance of admissions.

Why GoEuropaa.?

Facilitating best educational opportunities in the prestigious universities abroad, we rightly set the academic goals for aspiring students, who have been placed in top universities all over the world. Committed to the objectives of integrity and excellence.

Complementing the aptitudes of students we recommend nothing less than the best in their academic pursuit which in turn places them in lucrative jobs at MNCs. Relieving you of uncertainties and confusion regarding the career options, we can serve you by providing the best counselling and guidance to help you make the right decision.

Course Offering

Foreign Universities offer Undergraduate programs as Bachelor degree, Bachelor Degree with Honours, Undergraduate Diplomas and Associate Diplomas. After graduation there are Graduate Programs or Postgraduate programs as, Masters Degrees, Doctoral Degrees,Graduate Diplomas and Graduate Certificate.


In order to make a wise choice on overseas education, you need to take care of aspects like, quality & cost of education, availability of scholarships & financial aid, future job possibilities etc. Having a general idea about the distinctive factors of education in various countries can help you make the right decision.

What makes us different ?

Through the GoEuropaa ultimate search technology we match your grades, budget, English language level with what you want to study and where you would like to study it, to produce a tailored set of results. In short, we will help you see which universities you can get in to. Our search speeds up the process by narrowing the vast choice of universities down to the right universities to apply to based on the criteria that matter to you.

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